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Ensol Limited was started in 2006 by Larry and Jane Ellison in Palmerston North. After 25 years experience in the fuel industry, Larry saw a need for farm fuel tanks that would overcome the safety, durability, contamination and depreciation problems of existing farm fuel tanks.

Ensol started with a single purpose, and it’s still the same – to make the highest quality, longest lasting and best-designed farm fuel tanks in the country.

Our Products

Ensol engineers specify 4mm marine grade aluminium in all Ensol tanks, with high frequency welding for a superb finish, quality and durability. Stainless steel is used for all bolts and valves, with aluminium tank legs, bracing and ladders.

With an Ensol tank - there’s simply nothing to degrade or rust.

Ensol tanks are innovated, designed and constructed in New Zealand to withstand our extreme coastal and climatic conditions.

Ensol offers a 10-year guarantee on every static tank.