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Welcome to Ensol’s website. We have worked hard to make it as user-friendly and informative as possible. By purchasing products from Ensol’s website, the purchaser (“The Customer”) agrees to the following terms and conditions of sale.

These terms are issued by Ensol Limited and are effective from 1 January 2016. They cover the use of our website Ordering products or services through this website or from Ensol Limited direct. Please read these carefully, if you need to refer to them again you can access them from the link at the bottom of any page of our website.


About us

This website is owned by Ensol Limited. If you want to contact us, please use:

Phone -  0800 800 221

Email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal - PO Box 4367 Palmerston North

If you wish to contact us outside our office hours you can contact our National Sales Manager, Shane Parlato on 0274 333 122 or you can contact us by email and we will respond to all queries next business day.


1 Definitions

1.1 “Ensol” means Ensol Limited, its agents and employees.

1.2 “the customer” means the customer, any person acting on behalf of him with the authority of the customer and/or any person purchasing products from Ensol.

1.3 “products” mean all products and/or services supplied by Ensol to the customer and includes any installation charges, freight costs or any fees or charges associated with the supply of products by Ensol to the customer.

1.4 “website” means

1.5 terms of trade shall mean these terms and conditions together with any other terms and conditions specifically communicated by Ensol to the customer. 



2 Price

2.1 Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include goods and services tax within New Zealand. Please note that we reserve the right to alter prices on our website at any time for any reason.


3 Orders

3.1 When you place an order with us, you are making an offer to buy goods or services. The order will not be completed until the customer’s payment has been received in accordance to clause 4.

3.2 Ensol reserves the right to refuse to accept an order at its sole discretion. If Ensol does not accept an order it shall advise the customer and refund any payment made.

3.3 Once Ensol has received payment and accepted the order the customer will be notified by a confirmation page with details of your order and estimated delivery date, you will be able to print the confirmation page as a receipt of your order.

3.4 The customer is not entitled to cancel an order unless expressly agreed to in writing by Ensol.

3.5 By initiating an order with the Ensol, the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

3.6 In the unlikely event that the goods or services ordered are no longer available, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order.

3.7 Ensol reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders that Ensol believe, solely by Ensol’s own judgement, to have been placed fraudulently.

3.8 While Ensol endeavours to ensure that the price and the description of goods or service is accurate, if there is an error in the process of listing a product or service on our website or a technical error in the processing of your order we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order.

3.9 Our right to cancel orders applies to orders that have been accepted.


4 Payment

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for products shall be made in full, in advance.

4.2 Payments can be made by the following credit cards - MasterCard and Visa. Payment can also be made by internet banking. We only accept New Zealand credit cards.

4.3 You can also pay by using your Farmlands account or RD1 account. Please contact Ensol on 0800 200 221 for more information on this option. 

4.4 Ensol has an arrangement with a number of fuel distributors in New Zealand and you may be able to purchase your Ensol fuel tank through your fuel distributor.  Please contact Ensol on 0800 200 221 for more information on this option.

4.5 If the customer does not pay for the products before or following delivery, or payment is subsequently reversed, cancelled or invalid, or any monies are owing by the customer to Ensol then that customer shall pay on demand, interest on the amount due and owing from the due date of the payment to the date of actual payment at 2% per month.

4.6 The customer shall be liable to pay on demand, any expenses incurred in the collection or other legal costs on a solicitor/ client basis incurred by Ensol and the enforcement or attempt enforcement of these terms of trade.


5 Delivery charges

5.1 Ensol strives to keep prices of its products as low as possible. We do not subsidise the delivery cost by inflating the prices of the product.  Delivery charges for Ensol tanks are dependent on the delivery address in relation to Ensol’s manufacturing facility at Palmerston North. Delivery charges for tanks are displayed on our website.

5.2 Where accessory products are ordered online they will attract a freight charges. Freight charges are kept at $20 per order for small items that can be bundled together, 


6 Delivery and Risk

6.1 Any Ensol product remains at Ensol’s risk until delivered to the customer. Delivery is made at the place specified by the customer when the order is made.

6.2 The customer will check the condition and quantity of products delivered and advise the deliverer of any missing or damaged products immediately on receipt. Ensol shall not be liable for any missing or damaged products unless noted on the delivery receipt. The absence of written notification by the customer on the delivery sheet shall be deemed to be delivery of the full order in good condition.


7 Ownership

7.1 Ownership of any goods sold by Ensol and/or delivered by Ensol or its agents is retained by Ensol until payment is made in full for all goods sold or delivered by Ensol to the customer. The delivery or sale of goods by Ensol to the customer under these terms and conditions creates a fiduciary relationship between Ensol in the customer.


8 Personal Property Securities Act 1999

8.1 The customer acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions constitute a security arrangement for the purpose of the section 36 of the personal property Security Act 1999 (PPSA)

8.2 Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Ensol the customer waives its rights to receive a verification statement in accordance with section 148 of the PPSA.


9 Warranty

9.1 Ensol warrants products sold by Ensol in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty for that product for faults due to the manufacturing process.

9.2 The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials only, the warranty shall be void where:

a) products have been damaged whether intentionally or unintentionally, unless the damage has been caused by Ensol.

b) products have been tampered with or altered.

c) products have been serviced or repaired by an unauthorised repairer.

d) products have been used for a different purpose for what they were manufactured to do.

9.3 Ensol shall endeavour to repair or replace any defective product covered by the warranty within a reasonable time but shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, should there be a delay in such a repair.

9.4 Ensol only be liable for the repair or replacement of the products and not for any other loss whatsoever, whether consequential or direct, arising from any faulty workmanship or materials.


10 Consumer Guarantees Act

10.1 The guarantees contained in this Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 are excluded where the customer acquires Ensol products from the Ensol for the purpose of a business in terms of section 2 and 43 of the Act.


11 Ensol’s website

11.1 We have made every effort to provide the most accurate information on this website, we advise that the information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or a typographical error. Ensol may at any time without notice make changes or improvements to the website and/or make alterations to the information about products and services available on this website.

11.2 Please note that although the site may have some hyperlinks to other third party websites, these sites have not been prepared by Ensol and are not under the control of Ensol. The links are only provided as a convenience, and do not imply that Ensol endorses, checks, or approves the third-party website. Ensol is not responsible for the privacy principles or content of these third-party websites. Ensol is not responsible for the availability of any of these links.

11.3Ensol requires that you request our permission to include a link from another site to this site. If you would like to request permission, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11.4 This website is governed by, and is interpreted in accordance with, the laws of New Zealand.

11.5 Ensol owns all copyright and other intellectual material in this website. Everything on the site unless otherwise stated, is copyright. We advise that you may not copy or display for re-distribution to third parties, or for commercial purposes, any portion of the site without the express permission of Ensol.



12 Credit Card Security 

12.1 Customer login and checkout process is all using encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer protocol, whereby sensitive information is encrypted to protect your privacy.) The site does not store credit card details and/or payments via the site are handled by Payment Express which is a secure, PCL compliant, third party.

Accessing our service other than connecting to insights website by HTTP request using our web browser, you may not gain access to Ensol’s you agree not to disrupt, modify or interfere with our websites or services and their associated software, hardware and servers in any way. You also agree not to modify any content or service on the Ensol website. Furthermore, you agree not to use our site and any inappropriate or unlawful way.


13 Waiver

13.1 Failure by Ensol to insist in any one or more instances upon a strict performance of any of the terms of this contract or the waiver by Ensol of any of the terms or rights hereunder or of any default by the customer shall not be deemed or construed as a waiver of any such term or right of default in the future.